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Northlord is a brand of Viking & Spartan products founded in 2019 with the mission to connect the legends of the past with the Modern World. From our childhood the main source of inspiration was the Viking & Spartan Culture. The need to express ourselves led us to create products in our favorite categories, such as jewelry and clothing.. Our biggest goal is to create and sell top quality products at affordable prices, made for Modern Vikings, Pagans, Heathens and Spartans. 
In our Online Store you will find high quality Viking jewelry and a small line of beard care products but also T-shirts and hoodies. Our designing team puts a lot of work to create unique t shirt designs blending the historical Norse symbols with the modern streetwear style. For those who love outdoors activities we carry high quality selected products from paracord, survival bracelets to gym and fitness T-shirts. All of our products are made for both Men & Women who want to stand out of the crowd! We ship worldwide from our warehouses based in Europe and USA ensuring easy shipment process and fast delivery.


Male Model wearing silver rings and posing with crossed hands - Northlord

George has involved as a singer in many local Death & Black metal bands in Northern Greece. Some of them are Dark Forest, Celestial Immunity and Bacchanalia. His journey to the Viking World started back in the 90's and lasts to nowadays.


Women Model posing with purple roses in her hands - Northlord

Voula is the lead singer of the local Rock band "Moments" in Northern Greece. She is also crafting handmade jewelry for about 10 years and enjoys sports, walking in the nature and gym. Admires the Viking Culture, Spartans, Mythical Monsters and Norse Gods.



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