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Viking jewelry has its own meaning, it expresses the voice of the legends and myths of the old world, the Ancient One. Every single piece reflects the energy of Ancient times, the Viking Age, their lifestyle and the legacy of the Vikings left over the centuries. We are Northlord and we are offering handcrafted Viking jewelry in Modern style as well as Historical reproductions. Shop our top-quality Viking products and seal the bond with your Viking heritage.

Algiz Rune Pendant Hand-Forged - Northlord

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What Customers Say About Us

hello I really like this signet ring because I managed to put a yellow sapphire. Truly extraordinary. Spiritually this will help me. Thank you again to you for finding this model.

Nicolas B

Loox Reviews Verified

This ring is gorgeous! Detail is exquisite and the craftsmanship is superb. Nice weight too. Thank you, Northlord for another outstanding product!

Melody L

Loox Reviews Verified

I really love this ring, the silver is even more beautiful in real life than in the picture. It fits just right, everyone I meet compliments me about the ring!

Jelmer D

Loox Reviews Verified

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