Hail Odin Ring With Runic Inscription, Silvered Bronze


Product image 1Hail Odin Ring With Runic Inscription Silvered Bronze - Northlord-PK
Product image 2Hail Odin Ring With Runic Inscription Silvered Bronze - Northlord-PK
Product image 3Hail Odin Ring With Runic Inscription Silvered Bronze - Northlord-PK
Product image 4Hail Odin Ring With Runic Inscription Silvered Bronze - Northlord-PK
Product image 5Hail Odin Ring With Runic Inscription Silvered Bronze - Northlord-PK

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Viking ring with Scandinavian knot patterns and the runic inscription "Hail Odin. Inspired by Odin and his heritage. Made of Italian silver-plated bronze, ​lead, cadmium, and nickel free in great detail.

A Viking ring made by the top crafters in Europe ensuring top-quality craftwork, highly detailed design, and lifetime use.

  • Design & Type: Hail Odin Ring With Runic Inscription
  • Gender: Can be worn by Men and Women
  • Material: Silver-plated Bronze, lead, cadmium and nickel free
  • Sizes: #7 to #13
  • Weight: 28g - 31g
    Silver Viking Ring With Runic Inscription - Northlord
  • Handmade with exceptional detail
    Hail Odin Viking Ring, Silvered Bronze - Northlord
  • This Viking ring can be combined with a necklace or an armring complementing a beautiful Norse jewelry set.
  • Make sure to check our size guide for more accuracy. All of our rings are made to order. Shipment of the ring might take up to 7-10 business days due to the crafting process

In Norse Mythology Odin is associated with wisdom, knowledge, poetry, war, battle and runic alphabet among others. He is the husband of the goddess Frigg and the father of Thor and Baldr. According to the myth, Odin oversees Valhalla and he is the God who receives half of those who die in battle. He is often depicted with his Ravens, Huggin and Munnin, the messengers of Odin as well as his Wolves, Freki and Geri.

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